Education Projects


Our expertise in educational facilities and projects is quite simply unparalleled in the region. Each solution is customized to support instructional methodologies of the client. From K-12 to higher education, we have the experience in instructional, research, support and athletic facilities.

Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN

• Dahl Hall (Women’s Dormitory)

• Hagen Hall - Science & Industrial Arts Building, Addition and Remodeling (In Association with HGA, Minneapolis, MN)

• Snarr Hall Dormitory Addition

• Campus Electrical Revisions

• Grantham Hall (Women’s Dorm)

• Classroom Building for Fine Arts

• Student Union/Food Service Addition

• Nelson Hall (Men’s Dormitory)

• Neumaier Hall (Men’s Dormitory)

• Holmquist Hall (Men’s Dormitory)

• MacLean & Weld Hall Remodeling

• Weld Hall Remodeling

• Library Addition

• Food Service Addition

• Comstock Union - Addition and Remodel
(Deli/Ice Cream Parlor)

• MacLean Hall Addition/Remodeling

• Arts & Classroom Building

• Flora Frick Hall Remodeling

• Campus Rehabilitation Projects

• Fine Arts Building Remodeling

• Handicapped Access Remodeling - Phases I, II and III

• Five Building Reroofing Inspections

• Lommen Hall Remodeling

• Center for the Arts Rewindowing

• Holmquist Hall Electrical Service

• Dahl Hall Electrical Study

• Regional Science/Interpretive Center and Site Work

• Transformer Replacement (Bridges, Grier and Hagen Halls
and Library)

• Dahl Hall Electrical Repairs

• Student Union Remodeling

• Electrical Distribution Study

• Alex Nemzek Hall Addition and Toilet Renovation

• Reroofing - Kise Commons, Bridges Hall, Comstock Memorial Union, Murray Commons

• Bookstore Addition to MacLean Hall

• Nemzek Hall Swimming Pool Renovation

• Neumaier Hall Elevators Modernization

• Nelson Hall Elevators Modernization

• Comstock Union Remodeling

• ADA Surveys

• Weld/Lommen Hall Elevator Addition

• Owens Hall Remodeling

• King Hall Renovation

• Hagen Hall BioScience Wet Labs

• Grantham Hall Elevator Upgrade

• Campus Signage

• Mass Communications Think Tank Room

• Lommen Hall Renovation

• Owens Hall Human Services Relocation

• Owens Hall Records and Business Office Renovation

• Nemzek Hall Athletic Office Renovation and Hall of Fame Updates

• Lommen Hall Annex Masonry Repair

• Bridges Hall HVAC Predesign

• Nemzek Locker Room Remodeling

• President’s Suite Remodeling

• Hagen Hall Departmental Reassignment

Concordia College, Moorhead, MN

• Jake Christiansen Stadium and Athletic Building

• Carl B. Ylvisaker Library Addition

• Language Camp Activities Building

• Fieldhouse Tartan Floor

• Electrical Distribution Revisions

• Old Main Auditorium Remodeling

• Student Life Center (Joint Venture with SMSQ) -
Plus Addition and Swimming Pool Addition

• Biology Building Mechanical Remodeling

• 33-Plex Apartments

• Norwegian Language Camp-Bemidji

• Interior Design Remodeling Projects (14 Buildings)

• Science Building Addition (Joint Venture with SMSQ)

• President’s Residence Reroofing

• Visual & Communications Arts Building (Associated with SMSQ)

• Asbestos Removal Campus Surveys

• Electrical Distribution Study

• C. Running Art Gallery Mechanical Modifications

• Old Main Elevator and Front Entrance Addition

• Bahnhof Language Camp-Bemidji

• Professional Building Remodeling

• Elevator Assessments and Critical Needs Review

• Development Center Remodeling

• Grose Hall and FFCT Elevators

• Food Service Reroofing

• Lorentzsen Elevator Upgrade

• Brown Hall ADA Assessment

• Miscellaneous Door Hardware Review

• Bleacher Certification

• Memorial Auditorium Railing Assessment

• Theatre Accessibility

• Olson Forum Physiology Code Review

• Park Region Dormitory Remodeling

• FFCT Exit and Accessibility Study

• Campus Facility Assessments

• Offut School of Business and Barry Auditorium Addition

• Locker Room Building

• Campus Toilet Room ADA Study

• Academy Hall and Brown Hall Reroofing

• Ylvisaker Library Elevator Renovation

• Memorial Union Snow Load and Snow Fences

• ADA Design for Swimming Pool Restroom

• Grose Hall ADA Compliance Assessment

• Integrated Science Project with Furnishings

• Memorial Auditorium Code Study

• Riverside Center Reroofing

• Fjelstad ADA Assessment

University of Minnesota, Crookston, MN

• Hill Building Handicapped Access Remodeling
(Phases 1 and 2)

• Connecting Links

• Gym Floor and Paving

• Knutson Hall Remodeling & Furnishings

• Owens Hall Addition/Remodeling and Furnishings

• Skyberg Hall Reroofing

• Brink Hall Window and Siding Replacement

• Kiehle Hall Reroofing

• Dowell Hall Exterior Wall Study/Wall Repair/Window Replacement

• Hill Hall Wall Repair/Window Replacement

• NWROC Research Lab and Office Building

• NWROC Maintenance/Farm Operations Center

• McCall Hall Rewindowing

• Hill Hall Rewindowing

• Hill Hall Lower Level Renovation

• Owens Hall Room 118 Renovation

• McCall Hall Front Entry Renovation

• Dairy Barn Reroofing

• Hill Hall Lab Renovation

• Ag Research Center Reroofing

North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND

• Ceres Hall Remodeling

• Chemistry Building Structural Engineering

• Fieldhouse Physical Education Classroom Building and
Weight Room Remodeling

• Music Education Center

• Home Economics Elevator Addition

• Animal Care Facility (In Association with Flad Associates,
Madison, WI))

• South Weible Hall Rewindowing/Reroofing

• Burgum Hall Window Replacement

• Robinson Hall Animal Housing Unit Renovation

• Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering
(In Association with HGA, Minneapolis, MN)

• Pavek Hall Reroofing

• Music Building Entry Addition

• Library Reroofing & Skylight Replacement

• Center for Transportation Studies

• Advanced Nanomaterials Research 1 Addition

• Stockbridge Hall Bathroom Renovation

• Ceres Hall Reroofing

• Research 2 Server Room Upgrade

• Music Building Egress Review

• Memorial Union Mechanical Upgrades

• Memorial Union Freight Elevator Upgrades

• Dolve Hall Partial Roof Replacement

• Northern Crops Institute Reroofing

• Harris Hall Reroofing

• Dacotah Field North Stands Tuckpointing

• Putnam Hall Roof Repair

• Stockbridge Hall Phase 2 Renovation

• Old Main Tuckpointing

• Music Building and Askanase Hall Tuckpointing

• Loftsgard Hall Reroofing

• EML Reroofing

• Ladd Hall Reroofing

• Music Building Entry Modifications

Valley City State University, Valley City, ND

• Memorial Student Center Addition/Remodeling, Air Conditioning

• McFarland Hall - Remodeling, Electrical Remodeling

• West Hall Dorm Electrical Remodeling

• Administration Building Remodeling and Window Replacement

• Vangstad Auditorium Electrical Remodel, Room Finish Upgrade

• Kolstoe Residence Hall Renovation and Furnishings

• Snoeyenbos Residence Hall and Renovation

• W.E. Osmon Fieldhouse - Synthetic Floor/Bleachers, Reroofing, Racquetball Courts Addition, Floor and Bleacher Replacement

• McCarthy Hall - Remodeling, Elevator Installation

• McFarland Hall/Vangstad Auditorium Elevator Addition

• Master Planning Services and Update

• Transfer All Existing Building Floor Plans to AutoCAD

• Lokken Field Track Restoration Study and Restoration

• Dormitory Study

• Athletic Development Masterplan

• 2008 Masterplan and Building Assessment

• Vangstad Auditorium and Classroom Building Renovation

• Fine Arts Building Concept Study

M/State, Moorhead, MN

• Oscar Bergos Auditorium Renovation

• Welding Shop Ventilation

• Allied Health Science Addition

• Carpentry Shop

• Expansion and Renovation Masterplan and Phase 2 Predesign

• Interactive TV Classroom

• Farm Management Instructors

• Kitchen Remodeling

• Miscellaneous Energy Audits/Roof Repairs/Ventilation Projects

• New Carpet and Painting

• Parking Lot and Repair

• Interiors Masterplan

• Agriculture Building

Itasca Community College, Grand Rapids, MN

• Academic Classroom Addition and Expansion

• Forestry Department Renovation

Northland Community and Technical College,
East Grand Forks, MN

• Nursing Addition and Library/Commons Renovation

• Student Services Remodeling

Northland Community and Technical College,
Thief River Falls, MN

• Manufacturing Process Technology and Welding Labs

• Child Care Center

• Expansion and Remodeling

• Gymnasium Air Conditioning

• Handicapped Study

• Aviation Maintenance Facility Expansion

N orth Dakota State College of Science,
Wahpeton, ND

• Agriculture Mechanics Technology Building

• Student Center Food Service Renovation and Toilet

• Robertson Hall Renovation Study

• Haverty Hall Remodeling

• Residence Hall Renovation Study

• Forkner/Riley Complex Renovation

Lake Region State College, Devils Lake, ND

• Science Labs Remodeling

• North Residence Hall Remodeling

University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

• Alice C. Fox Memorial Footbridge

• Ireland Laboratory 5th Floor Remodeling

• Upson Engineering Building - Phases I and II, Computer Center Air Conditioning

• Chester Fritz Library 4th Floor Addition

• Winter Sports Arena, Addition and Remodeling, Floor Repair

• School of Law Library - Addition and Remodeling, Air

• Small Group Housing (Delta Upsilon Fraternity)

• Fieldhouse Alterations

• Fine Arts Center

• Phi Delta Theta and Addition

• Oxford House Restoration (Lloyd Stone Alumni Center)

• Center for Aerospace Science

• Computer Science Addition to Aerospace Science

• Center for Aerospace Science I & II Addition/Remodel

• Center for Aerospace Science I Heritage Center

• Running Track/Football Field Repair Study

• Elevator Installations - Hyslop Sports, Home Economics,
Babcock Hall, Law School, 314 Cambridge, Old Science,
Burtness Theatre, Memorial Union

• Selke Hall Handicapped Entrance

• Smith Hall Remodeling

• Smith, Fulton and Johnson Halls Masterplan

Mayville State University, Mayville, ND

• Fieldhouse - Floor, Bleacher Replacement, Racquetball Courts Addition

• East and West Halls Rewindowing

• Tennis Courts and Running Track

• Student Union Reroofing

• Berg Hall Window Replacement

• Student Center Addition

• West Hall Handicapped Access

• Master Planning Services and Update

• Transfer All Existing Building Floor Plans to AutoCAD

• Residence Hall Renovation/Replacement Study

• Northwest Hall Renovation

• Boiler Plant (for Obermiller-Nelson Engineering, Fargo, ND)

K-12 School Experience

Central Cass School Secure Entrance

Casselton, North Dakota

Dilworth School Toilet Room Assessment,
Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton School District

Dilworth, Minnesota

Fertile School Lobby/Cafeteria Upgrades
Fertile, Minnesota

High School and Elementary School Space Improvements
Minto, North Dakota

Elementary Schools Needs Assessment
Ada, Minnesota

North Dakota Vision Services/School for the Blind
Multiple Building Improvements

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Lisbon Public Schools Elementary School Kitchen Remodeling

Lisbon, North Dakota

Central Cass School Masterplanning

Casselton, North Dakota

Central Cass School Gymnasium Addition

Casselton, North Dakota

Menahga School Classroom Addition and Gym Expansion

Menahga, Minnesota

Central Cass School Bus Garage and Wash Bay Addition

Casselton, North Dakota

Fertile-Beltrami High School Rewindowing

Fertile, Minnesota

Dilworth School Expansion Study,
Dilworth-Glyndon Felton School District

Dilworth, Minnesota

St. John’s School and Religious Formation Center

Wahpeton, North Dakota

Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Schools Elementary School Assessment

Long Prairie, Minnesota

Lisbon Public Schools 2010, 2011 and 2012 Capital Improvement Projects, and High School Remodeling

Lisbon, North Dakota

Mahnomen Schools Reroofing, Toilet and Classroom
Remodeling, and Code Review

Mahnomen, Minnesota

Central Cass School Classroom Addition

Casselton, North Dakota

Ellendale School Masterplan

Ellendale, North Dakota

Robert Asp School Partial Reroofing,
Independent School District No. 152

Moorhead, Minnesota

Glyndon School Rewindowing,
Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton School District

Glyndon, Minnesota

Fargo North High School Addition and Renovation, and
Athletic Field Development/Concession

Fargo, North Dakota

Dilworth School Rewindowing and Reroofing,
Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton School District

Dilworth, Minnesota

Ben Franklin Junior High School Addition and Renovation

Fargo, North Dakota

Waubun 5-12 School Addition and Renovation,
and Ogema K-4 School Addition

Waubun and Ogema, Minnesota

Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Schools Classroom
Additions and Renovations

Dilworth and Glyndon, Minnesota

Enderlin K-12 School Addition and Remodeling

Enderlin, North Dakota

Press Box/Storage Building,
Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton School District

Dilworth, Minnesota

Discovery Junior High School, New Facility

Fargo, North Dakota

Centennial Elementary, New Facility and Classroom Addition

Fargo, North Dakota

Verndale Public School Addition and Renovation

Verndale, Minnesota

Ellendale Public School Gymnasium Addition and Renovation

Ellendale, North Dakota

Lewis & Clark Elementary Addition and Renovation

Fargo, North Dakota

Twin Valley Public School Addition and Renovation

Twin Valley, Minnesota

Moorhead Senior High School Science Lab Renovations, and
Vo-Tech, Classrooms and Multipurpose Additions

Moorhead, Minnesota

Moorhead Senior High, Junior High, Middle School and Elementary

School Additions/Remodeling/Telecommunications Work

Moorhead Minnesota

Norman County East School Classroom Renovations

Gary, Minnesota